Contribution to the Noise Floor – 2024

End of Your Rope
It’s Not the Same
Shadow Side
The Highway
Your Word Not Mine
Wake Me

Rock Paper Scissors
I Do What I Always Do
I’ve Learned to See in the Dark
What Money Does
I’m not Angry Anymore

Wurk Teyp – 2011

Big Hat, No Cattle
This Side of Leaving
Kill Devil Hills
One Teardrop at a Time
Here and Now
I Only See You in my Dreams
The Dash
Indiana Rain

Happy Hour at the Holiday Inn
As Good as Gone
Hurting is Believing
Stop the Storm
I’m in Love with Tennessee
Keep on Dancing
Eggnog in Your Rum

One Year In Kingston Springs -2008

Allington Towers
I Don’t Know Who I Am
Stop The Storm
I Don’t Mind
Building on a Room
Why not Name it Love?
If You Were Mine

Songs From Noble House – 2002

Old Wives’ Tales
I Was Wrong
Go to Bed Early
Somebody Else
Start with the Leaving
Out Late Again

Something Like This Like That
She’s Like the Moon
Too Dumb to Know
It’s too Late
Here with You
Something about Love

You Don’t Know Me – 1996

Hit the Highway
You Don’t Know Me
You Can’t Go Back
Keyhole to Your Eye
Get it Right
I Go the Love

And So On – 1988

I Was Wrong
Keyhole to Your Eye
How Nice of  You
And so On
Hold Me
Out Late Again
In Case You Forgot
Evey Now and Then
Set Me Free