Rhett McDaniel’s journey in music began in the small farming community of Waldron, Indiana. From an early age, he immersed himself in the world of music, playing guitar and singing at various venues such as church, school bands, county fairs, and Rotary lodges. But it was in 1995 when Rhett landed his first steady gig, playing bass for the popular Indianapolis R&B band, Debra Mullins and the Datelines.

While Rhett had been writing and singing his own songs since his debut album project, And So On, in 1988, it wasn’t until after graduating from the Indiana University School of Music in 2000 that he began to see music as a possible career. For the next seven years, he assembled a band and played in the Indianapolis area, recording two more albums. The turning point came in 2007 when Rhett made the bold decision to move to the songwriting epicenter of Nashville, TN.

In Nashville, Rhett found a thriving community of fellow songwriters, performing at writer’s nights around town. Despite having songs cut by independent artists, Rhett’s passion for writing and performing his own songs remained. He recorded two more independent album projects in Music City.

During the Pandemic, Rhett connected with his audience by posting videos of him singing new songs on social media. The positive reception inspired him to record a new album of songs, culminating in his sixth solo album, Rhett McDaniel’s Contribution to the Noise Floor.